Wakeup Calling

Wakeup Calling

humanity rages

destruction in stages

of everything under the sun

the birds and the bees

the rivers and trees

it seems like the end has begun

a population of people

turned into sheeple

conditioned to crave more and more

life based on greed

want, desire and need

leads to nothing but war

the planet is dying

the animals crying

the forests all being cut down

the climate is hot

except when it’s not

and some say we’re all going to drown

living in fear

something is near

now we are all scared to death

chaos and change

can often feel strange

please just take a deep breath

we eat poison foods

take meds for our moods

we’re so ill we cannot take action

to keep us asleep

the tendrils run deep

with all manner of lies and distraction

we cut the tops off the hills

down below oil spills

for us to progress, it is said

it’s hard not to believe

if we do not grieve

soon we all will be dead

so what can we do

just me and you

to turn this whole thing around?

one way to recall

our connection to all

is to put our bare feet on the ground

now feel the Earth

remember its worth

let the energy run through your soul

look deep in your heart

that’s where you start

to connect yourself to the whole

this cannot be solved

if you don’t get involved

start now, there’s no time to wait

change how you’re living

stop taking, start giving

please, before it’s too late

and so there you are

if you’ve made it this far

three last things I will say if I may

begin with a bow

stay here in the now

and remember to breathe every day

~Aaron Hoopes – 2014