Earth Communion

Earth Communion
Gregory Wilson, 2013
Blessed be the Earth that forms at last
The remnants of super novas brilliant show in deep space,
Over the eons swirling helium, hydrogen, giving birth to stars
and planets.
Our home our mother earth pulling herself together, tighter and tighter fire and water, rock and sea, land and air, storm and calm, plant and animal, tree and human. From the soil and water we emerged from the air we breath and in the air we walk.
We are in this Earth
We are on this Earth
We are sustained by this Earth
We are fed by this earth
We are of this earth
Blessings upon this living being of which we are a part.
What we Hold Sacred
That which gives us life and breath is that which we hold sacred.
That which nurtures our bodies is that which gives us our life.
That which nurtures our bodies brings life to our spirit.
What nurtures us is a cycle; a sacred process.
The cosmos brought us nutrients. The nutrients form the life in the soil.
The life in the soil gives birth to the plants of the Earth.
The earth becomes an explosion of colors, shapes, and sizes.
Life begins to move, fly, crawl, walk, life draws life from life.
Humans slowly emerge from this celebration of colors, shapes,
sizes, movement, crawling, walking, flying, and also draws life from life.
The cosmos nutrients move through the soil and offers life to the plants
and the life of the plants is offered to the life of the humans.
Humans are in communion with the full cycle of life.
The life of this living being; our mother earth.
(drumming slowly begins, quietly)
We are part of the sacred cycle that was birthed eons ago. We today celebrate our life as part of this sacred cycle. This act is an act of communion. Communion with the earth is an act of our truest selves.